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May 26, 2012

Deutsche Aussprache (pronunciation)

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Proper pronunciation prevents p-poor performance!  Try these: – graphic and audio demonstration of how to articulate sounds of German (and various other languages) – type in a word or phrase to hear how it should be pronounced



May 18, 2012

U4 Deutsch

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Healthy lifestyles writing task    First draft by Tues please

May 4, 2012

U4 Deutsch – Gesundheit

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Hausaufgaben vom 4.5.12

1. Follow this link to find some information about various foods.

2. Print this sheet (Gesund essen & trinken – fragen) and use to record at least one point (auf deutsch) about each food – or write on a separate sheet if not convenient to print.

3. Follow this link for a quiz.

4. Complete the sentences on the sheet (as above) auf deutsch, using information from the quiz.

5. If you have time, see if you can understand the key message of this short article.

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